May 21, 2014

I'm opting out.

Everyone knows what today is, BUT I chose to opt out. No, I didn't gain. I have just been bloated for the past week. I am giving myself permission to opt out of one weigh-in per month. I think you ladies can agree with that one. I have set my alarm for 5 am for the past two days. I am wanting to do 2-a-days. I have yet to be successful. But setting my alarm is the first step, right?? I plan on doing it again tonight. And going to bed even earlier than last night. It comes to the point to where I just need to MAKE myself get up. A wise young lady once told me to put my Big girl panties on. I am going to do just that. Aubrey @ ALG Uninterrupted always says to trust the process. I need to start listening to her. Afterall, these women kick some serious ass, so they kinda know what they are talking about. 

I have been on a pity party for about a week now. I need to get over it. I WILL get over it. Y'all all want progress, and obviously so do I. So, I plan on giving you some. Because, I'm just a giver like that. :)

Oh, in exactly 16 days, it will be my BIRTHDAY!!
I know, I know, best day of everyones life. You're welcome.

Oddly like every dance gif out there is T-swift..
Anyways, I will be 23. I imagined myself in a much different place at this age. Life doesn't go quite like we planned. And thats okay sometimes. When I was little, I wasn't like most kids. I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I still don't know what I want to be. I see people I graduated with, already graduating College, a lot of them with their bachelors. One of my very best friends is almost done with her Masters. That's so insane! And I'm still trying to find me. I think one of the harshest things about growing up, is letting go of the life you've planned and excepting the life that is meant for you. I still get all depressed when I think about the fact that I have been graduated for 5 whole years now, and haven't accomplished anything academic wise. I am still in school, five years later. Mostly goofing off. But, I have a great job. My mom doesn't support me. I pay my bills. I own my car. Bleh. All of these things sound just AWFUL. Being an adult sucks. I have worked since I turned 16. Everything I have, I've earned. I am SUPER proud of that. Sometimes I struggle. Actually lets be honest, most of the time I struggle. But, I feel like it makes me appreciate things more. If everything had been handed to me when I was younger, I don't think I would be the same person I am today. I don't expect anything from anyone. I can be a brat. BUT, who isn't sometimes. I feel like I was raised the right way. I don't take things for granted. I may throw a little tantrum if I don't get what I want, but it only lasts for a minute.

And on that note, I must bid you adieu.

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  1. I absolutely wont weigh in on "that" week... its all good girl. Dont beat yourself up.
    I went to college and graduated....I had a dream job... and guess what it still didnt work out you just have to take the life youre given and make the best of it.

    1. I guess life just catches up to you. And thank you for understanding my week, lol

  2. It is a good feeling knowing everything you have is because of YOUR hard work :) I'm almost 24 and still have no idea what I want to do, so I guess it's normal!

    Stop by my page and meet our new baby Gus! :)

    1. Yes ma'am I totally agree. Glad I am not the only one!! lol

  3. I support your non weigh in :)

    Get back in the saddle girl. You can do it.

    And major props for being so independent! Try not to compare yourself with others. We each have our own unique path.


  4. You are so hard on yourself. No 23-year-old ever had life totally figured out. Heck, the older you get, the more you'll accept that you'll never be able to figure it all out. And once you realize that, you stop worrying about it. And you know what happens when you stop stressing? Life gets better. It really, really does. I know that sounds trite and simple, and you may very well be rolling your eyes at me (spoiler alert: I'm old), but I just want to offer you some reassurance: everyone who's ever been 23 can relate to your feelings of hopelessness, but it really does get better.

    As for the Weigh-In Wednesday thing...if you don't want to post a weight update on your blog, for whatever reason, that is your business. Do not feel guilty about that. You shouldn't even feel the need to explain it, in my opinion.

    1. Thank you very much. It was just my rambles for the day. Our 5th year highschool reunion is coming up, so I got to thinking about everything!

  5. Give yourself a break--you deserve it! One missed weigh-in is not going to do any harm! You know the right things to do to stay on track--and the right people to call when you get off track:)
    Love you boo!!

  6. Way late to the party here but I'm gonna comment on HAPPY ENGAGEMENT instead <3<3