Apr 30, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday.

Wellllllllll... it's
I am super happy to say that I haven't gained any weight! Still sitting at 264. Which I am completely 100% fine with that, considering there is a war going on in my uterus.

This made me chuckle.

I am all bloated and blah. But, like I said, SUPER thankful there is no extra weight.

Last night we had a 'Ladies Night'. The Sister-In-Laws (Minus Kal) and I went to Fuzzy's Tacos, and to the movies. We saw The Other Woman. I saw mixed ratings on it. Let me tell you, BEST movie I have seen in a long time!! We were laughing throughout the whole thing. It was definitely a good choice. Plus it was nice to spend time as a family.

Yesterday I posted my Transformation Photos.

Specifically, this one.

The picture on the left was taken one month before my surgery. I was 317 lbs. This is absolutely the worst picture I have ever seen of me. I never saw myself THAT big. If I would have seen this picture back then, then maybe I would have realized?
I have gotten such incredible feedback regarding this photo. I almost question it, not necessarily the feedback, but myself. People are saying that I am inspiring, and how amazing that is. And I of course appreciate every single bit of it. But, I had surgery AND put on a little bit of weight back. Yes, I am losing it again. I guess I just don't know how to take things.
I never saw myself THAT big, but I also never see myself THAT 'small'. Our perceptions of ourselves are so distorted. I don't see myself as an inspiring person, because I allowed this to happen. I allowed myself to get that big. I allowed myself to get out of control. And still do a lot of the time. I feel like I am still learning who I am and what I want. I am 22. I have a experienced a lot in my life. And I have a lot more to go. I am going to embrace every bit that is thrown my way. 

This played on the movie last night. I fell in love. Absolutely beautiful.

I needed to see this face this morning. So, her mama sent me this. I bawled like a baby. Her onesie says it all. I am so in love with the baby girl. She is my Sun.
 Now I need to see my Queen Bee. And all will be right with the world.

And on that note, I must bid you adieu.

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  1. You are doing amazing--surgery or no surgery! What counts is you are making the right choices and doing your best!! So proud of you--and you are inspiring!! I'm going to see that movie this weekend with the sister in law!! Can't wait!!!

    1. It is so freaking funny! I am going to take my mom to see it! It will have you rolling on the floor!!!

      Thank you my sweet lady! :)

  2. When I gained all the weight I gained a few years ago I never saw myself that big either it wasnt until recently looking back I get so mad at myself for not seeing it everyday!

    1. You just get blinded, the people around you are blinded as well. My best friend never saw me as that big either. Its just crazy!

  3. You're rocking it, girl! You look sooooo good in your transformation photo, especially your legs. I wish my legs looked like that!!

    1. Thank you my lady!! My legs are probably my favorite thing about me, my body is so disproportionate!

  4. Replies
    1. I have never seen that pic before! Its crazy that changes that have been made!!!

  5. I know it's confusing but you're inspiring people because you made the decision to change. You're inspiring people because you're sharing your journey. You're inspiring people because of your fearless attitude toward vulnerability. It's impressive!

    People commenting on the photo aren't only talking about the photo-to-photo change - they're commenting on the new person you've blossomed to become.

    1. You are too sweet. Def becoming my new favorite person!! Thank you so much. :)