Mar 22, 2014

Wolf Pack

I have gotten so much support by posting my bikini picture. I am beyond blessed by it. It was so hard to push that publish button. My eyes were closed the whole time. I did it because I have nothing to hide. Clearly you can tell that I am a bigger person with close on. I am not here to impress anyone. The only person that I have to please is myself. If someone doesn't like what they see, guess what? Go to a different link. That's the beauty of Internet. I am living myself for ME and my love.


No truer words were ever spoken. I have had to completely re-vamp my thoughts this week. It has been a little tough. I haven't had a lot of cravings. I made dinner tonight, and like always, I wanted to devour my plate, and go back for seconds. BUT, I didn't. I was full. I forced myself to stop. Food is there to fuel your body. That's it. I am training my mind to accept that. I can't tell you how amazing this week has been. I have cut my calorie intake by over half than what I am used to eating. I am in no way starving. Is that not crazy? That right there tells you how much at ate before. I think with these changes, my stomach is going back to my "surgery stomach", that makes me so incredibly happy. 

The picture on the left was from New Years day, the picture on the right was from Thursday. I started my diet change on Sunday. Little changes. Already SO worth it. I am worth it. YOU are worth it. I would love to be able to just inspire one person. I started this blog at the absolute very beginning of my journey. With your support, I already feel like I can go all the way. I feel like we are all now all one big wolf pack. Yes, I said it. 

Ha, that's classic. 

I was looking up the calories on the Chipotle site the other day, since that is one of my weaknesses. I figured it wouldn't be THAT bad. WRONG. The bowl that I get is 1345 calories. Are you freaking serious???? That is just ridiculous. So, I switched it over to the Chik-fil-a site, 240 Calories for the 8 count nuggets that I get. :) I usually get the whole meal, but since I have started eating better and eating less, the 8 count satisfies me, and gets me full. I try to stay around 1200 calories. In the mornings I will eat the Jimmy Dean Delight bowls. They are super delish, and very filling. I don't really snack in-between breakfast and lunch, but if I do, I will eat the Chocolate peanut butter to-go and some Ritz crackers. I also found on Pinterest, if you are craving some sweets, to eat ONE serving (17) M&Ms, which comes out to be 180 calories. I know it's not the healthiest I can get. But, I am super picky, and I am doing what works for ME. Which is what you have to do, or ultimately, you will fail. And I'd say, it's working pretty darn well! 

I am sure as I go along, I will get better and better with the way that I eat things. I have introduced myself to more and more veggies. I have cut out fried foods completely (with the exception of the nuggets.) No more sweet teas, and if you know me, that is a HUGE deal. I do not drink soda unless it is Dr. Pepper 10. Water and my Spark mostly. Spark ALWAYS makes for a happy camper. 

And on that note, I must bid you adieu. 


  1. Girl you are doing great!! I snack alot during the day--I don't like feeling hungry at all. (Fat girl problems) I'm super proud to be part of your Wolf Pack:)

    1. I don't either!! Its like as soon as that hungry hits I go into full drama queen mode. I start withering away lol.