Mar 18, 2014

Stella got her groove back.

We did the 30 Day Shred Sunday, and OMG. I am still dying. When you look at it, you think, oh, that cant be THAT hard. Welp, you're wrong.

My ass was uncomfortable the whole time... So... Win?

Today is Day 3 of my 1 billionth transformation. I'd have to say, it is going quite well. I have eaten super healthy. Yesterday was day two of the shred, we didn't do it. I know what you're thinking, "Surprise, surprise". Well, we have a LEGIT excuse. My SIL was in an accident and we were at the hospital with her. That was one of the scariest things I have ever experienced. When all you can hear are certain words over the phone, your mind goes racing. Losing my best friend, would be one of my worst nightmares. Luckily, she is very blessed. Everything is just fine, and hopefully she gets to go home to beautiful baby Kynlee today.We have NO plans tonight. I am going to Target to pick up the puppy pads that I left yesterday, my (Dayton's) anticipated copy of Frozen, cook some spaghetti squash, and workout. A friend I met through the gym invited me to her bootcamp for next week, I am really excited about it, should be very interesting! 

  Sometimes I have to second guess myself to see if there really is a difference. I look so swollen. Like I got stung by a bee. I have never been skinny. I don't know what I will look like. Sometimes the thought scares me. What if I am ugly?? Some people look better fat.

I may have taken a few steps back. But, I can assure you, I will never be able to fit into those scrubs again. I will NEVER weigh over or close to 300 lbs again.

 Something has clicked inside of me. I don't know what it was, but I am so glad it it did. In three months, I want to be able to take another picture just like the ones above, and it be another huge change. I have shorts in my drawers that I have never worn. Brand spanken new.  My thoughts when I bought them? "Oh, I'll lose weight before its time to wear them." Does anyone else do that? Well, my thoughts now? I WILL fit into them. I am giving myself 2 months. I figure that's a fair goal. I don't want to make it too unrealistic and then beat myself up over it if I don't end up reaching it in time. So I guess that is my "small goal" for now. To fit into the shorts I bought last year. Gotta hit those small goals in order to reach your biggest goal. 


And on that note, I must bid you adieu. 


  1. I've never been skinny either and I have no clue what in the world I will look like...it's a little scary lol

    1. I was talking to my boyfriend the other night, I was like what if my neck is too long!?!? lol I think it's a little fear that most people have.