Mar 27, 2014


I woke up this morning feeling AMAZING. I ran yesterday, a mile. 14 Minutes. Back to my slowest time, but hey, I freaking did it! It felt wonderful. I forgot how much I loved/hated it. How weird is it that you can look forward to something yet dread it all at the same time? It hurt so good. I literally stared at myself the whole time. How creepy is that? I saw it as motivation. I couldn't get over how much shoulder "definition" I am developing. And by definition, I really just mean "Hey look, I actually have shoulders and not just a thick fat layer of... ugh fat.." I don't really know where I was going with that one. I used to ask people "What is your motivation?" hoping somehow I could find mine. I've found it. I am my motivation. I am the person that I have to beat. I am my only competition. So the person next to me looks better, So? I don't have to look at them naked in the mirror. I don't take showers with them. I don't walk with them
every day of my life.

As I get off the treadmill, I kid you not, here comes #skinnybitch. You could cut ice with the look that I gave her. Ask anyone that knows me, I cannot for the life of my control my facial expressions. I'm sure it was not pretty. I don't even know if I got a #stinkyeye from her. That's how intense it was. 

I'm the type of person who CANNOT run without my headphones in. I hate the sound of the gym. I can't stand to listen to my breathing, or my feet pounding on the treadmill/ground. Here's my top songs to workout to. (At the moment)

1. Jump by Rihanna- If you haven't heard it, I HIGHLY recommend you stop everything you are doing now, and listen. It's pretty raunchy, but I LOVE it. It is the BEST running song EVER. Keeps you pumped the WHOLE time. 

2. Mike Will Made It- 23 by Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and Miley- My newest obsession. 

3. We Can't stop - Miley - I don't care how cray she is. I love her. And this song couldn't be more true. I can't stop and won't stop. Running. Not drugging. :)

4. Come and Get it by Selena Gomez- Super hot

5. Your body- Christina Aquilera- Again Super hot  

6. Diva by Queen B- Because that's my anthem 

7.Practice- by Drake

8. No Worries- Lil Wayne

9. Take It Out On Me by Florida Georgia Line- So damn Sexy.

10. Drunk in Love by Queen B and JayZ

These songs get me going. Songs that me feel "sexy" make me motivated.
What are you top songs?

And on that note, I must bid you adieu.

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  1. Great run! And great job with that stink eye to #skinnybitch!

  2. Great Job!!! Good!!! #Skinnybitch deserved the #stinkeye!

  3. Ooooh! These are all good jams!! (except Drunk in Love--it makes me feel uncomfortable like watching a porno with your mom uncomfortable. Will definitely download the others:) Thanks girl!

    1. HAHA. I thought that too. But then I fell in love.

  4. Great playlist! I'm loving Timber right now just because it's super upbeat and catchy, but what really motivates me are songs like Katy Perry's Roar and The Script's Hall of Fame -- anything to make me THINK I can keep running. :)

    1. When I think about pushing that stop button, I try to change my brain "its just you mind, its not your legs" but then My legs are like.. no biotch its your legs!!! lol

  5. Great run and I love the playlist, those are songs that keep a girl movin!

    1. That's what I love about them! Even if I am still in my warm up and one of the songs comes on, I start running lol

  6. I need some new songs, thanks for the suggestions! Great job on your mile!

    1. I love them all! Hope you like them!! Thank you so much!